The Council for Sustainable Transport is an association and also an NGO working for better conditions for the sustainable road users – and a reduction in car use. We raise our voices in the traffic policy debate, organizes public meetings and regularly performs a variety of responses with a focus on public transport, transport policy, infrastructure, transport, climate and environmental dimension, etc.

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>> 2017 report of what has happened mainly on the field of railway services in Denmark (English)

Traffic is much more than cars
Sustainable traffic is:

  • Pedestrians and cyclists
  • Light rail (modern trams), trains and buses
  • Car sharing based on non-fossil fuels

Ie modes that reduce congestion, air and noise pollution and climate impacts.

Car traffic is exploding, and the authorities do nothing to change that. Constructing new roads along with soaring fares in public transport has resulted in even more cars, which aggravates the public transport accessibility. We are against that development! We have to limit car use and creating better alternatives.

Council for Sustainable Transport work for functioning, healthier and more environmentally friendly cities, better conditions for walking and cycling – which represents the active transport – and that public transport is an efficient and inexpensive services for the citizens.

Car traffic can be reduced …
Experience from abroad and results of Danish studies show that there can be achieved significant reductions in car use in cities, if you combine a better public transport with environmental taxes and lower speed.